The Average size of a penis: Are Black men really bigger?

There has always been a myth that the black brothers have larger penis size compared to white men. However, is there really a truth in this? Well, if you are a girl who has so many sexual experiences with both white and black men, then your experience can definitely be a sound proof, if indeed the black fellows are endowed with that large blessing.


Ethnicity role in sizes

The ethnicity of the males does play a huge role in the sizes of the penis, which is quite true. When it comes to ethnicity, the white/Caucasian male has an average penis size of 14.5cm, and the Black/African-American men have an average of 14.75cm. Basing on this, the black males undeniably have larger penises.





Average is not everyone

It is important to note that average does not mean that every black American has larger penis than the white males. It just means that when black men are measured for their sizes down below, it has been found that the average is 14.75cm, meaning that there are penises that are larger than the average, and penises that are shorter than others. This could mean that there are black men who are shorter in size compared to white men, and vice versa.





The size of the penis varies depending on the situation. The penis have different sizes when it is not erect, and even when the penis is aroused, the size differs depending on the level of stimulation, and even vary on the girl that the man is currently having sex with. And so it is safe to say that the size of the penis of a man, whether he is black, white, or other ethnicity, depends on the heat of the moment, and girls can definitely influence the size of the penis.

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