The Reality of Dating White Women When You’re Black

Interracial relationships are socially accepted but in reality, the stigma still follows those black men who are dating white women. Yes, you are black, but the fact remains that you are a person. The color of your skin should not be the cross you have to bear, but something that you need to be proud of. However, the world is not a perfect paradise, and there are realities that you must face when your heart is set to have a white girl in your life.


White men’s opinion

When you are dating a white girl, some white men may either be proud of themselves or disgusted with the white girl, which inevitably leads to them taunting you. You’re a black man dating a white girl, which could confirm in the white men’s mind that their species are more beautiful than your black society because you went beyond your line and favored a white girl to a black one. Though this is a source of pride to them, they will also end up feeling disgusted with the girl you are dating, because in their mind she stooped to your level. Either way, white men may taunt you, bully you, and hate you for thinking that you are above their status.



White women’s curiosity

Love knows no color. When love hits your heart, you have no choice but to let love guide you to your happiness. There is definitely nothing wrong in loving a black girl when you’re black, but always be ready for whatever reality comes your way. You need to be aware that there are white women who are incredibly curious about the sexuality of black men, as your breed is rumored to have the vigorous appetite in bed. There may be white girls who wants to experience the high of being in your arms, and will date you for the ultimate satisfaction that they crave and wants to experience in your arms. Be smart enough to figure out if the white girl you are dating is really into you, or she just wants to take advantage of your body.

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